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Oaksmith® Gold and Oaksmith® International are produced by Beam Suntory, a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings, and were created by the House of Suntory’s world-renowned Chief Blender, Shinji Fukuyo.

About Beam Suntory

As a world leader in premium spirits, Beam Suntory inspires human connections. Consumers from all around the globe call for the company’s brands, including the iconic Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark Bourbon brands, Suntory whisky Kakubin and Courvoisier cognac, as well as world-renowned premium brands including Knob Creek® , Basil Hayden’s and Legent Bourbon; Yamazaki® , Hakushu, Hibiki® and Toki™ Japanese whisky; Teacher’s, Laphroaig® and Bowmore Scotch whisky; Canadian Club whisky; Hornitos® and Sauza tequila; EFFEN, Haku and Pinnacle vodka; Sipsmith and Roku gin; and Midori liqueur.

Beam Suntory was created in 2014 by combining the world leader in Bourbon and the pioneer in Japanese whisky to form a new company with a deep heritage, passion for quality, innovative spirit and vision of Growing for Good. Headquartered in Japan, Beam Suntory is a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Limited of Japan. For more information on Beam Suntory, its brands, and its commitment to social responsibility, please visit and

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Availability of Oaksmith

Oaksmith® is now in India, and expanding at a very fast pace.

Due to state taxes, MRP may differ in each state. Oaksmith® Gold and Oaksmith® International (750ml) respectively, are available at ₹1375 & ₹840 in Maharashtra, ₹1300 & ₹740 in Telangana, ₹1620 & ₹990 in West Bengal, ₹760 & ₹500 in Assam, ₹630 & ₹335 in Goa, ₹1952 & ₹1500 in Karnataka, ₹990 & ₹700 in UP, ₹650 & ₹450 in Chandigarh and ₹1260 & ₹850 in Rajasthan.

For any queries or comments, you can send an email to

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Drink Smart® - Make Smart Choices About Alcohol

As world’s third largest spirits company Beam Suntory’s commitment to the responsible consumption of alcohol is fundamental to everything we do. Drink Smart® is our platform for communicating with legal-purchase age adults about making informed, responsible choices. (Read More: DrinkSmart)

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Who should I contact for sponsorship, media and/ or press relations?

Oaksmith® Gold is a modern, progressive brand that always looks for new and innovative engagements for its fan communities. For marketing, sponsorship, and charity ideas, write to us at email, or download our media kit in case you are a media personnel:

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