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oaksmith international barrel getting made oaksmith international barrel getting made

OAKSMITH International

Oaksmith® International is a premium whisky and Made-For-India blend, with Aged Scotch Malts, Aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Finest Japanese Craftsmanship. Crafted specially for Indian palate.

Alcohol 42.8% by volume

Bottles 180ml 375ml 750ml

oaksmith international bottle on seashore
glass with oaksmith internationalinside a barrel

tasting notes


Vibrant Gold with Rich Amber.


Soft on the nose, with sweetness of grain.


Clean and mild, with peat accent and oak woodiness.

On the finish

Layer of spice and peat. Clean and beautiful.

oaksmith international japanese craftmanship banner
shinji fukuyo and japanese craftsmanship
Precision, Purity and Authenticity

Shinji Fukuyo - The Legend

Crafted by world renowned and revered Shinji Fukuyo - Chief Blender at Suntory®, Founding House of Japanese Whisky, and creator of celebrated Japanese spirits Yamazaki® and Hibiki®.
oaksmith gold glasses isolated

The Perfect serve

Oaksmith® is most impressive when experienced with its Perfect Serve - the Japanese Takumi ritual.

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