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oaksmith international oak barrels storage oaksmith international oak barrels storage


"I travelled across India to understand the different food cultures and flavours. Eventually what I saw, heard and tasted, helped me explore a variety of flavour profiles and finalise this harmonious blend. I am extremely proud as the final product completely reimagines what the future of Indian whisky can be."

Shinji Fukuyo

Chief Blender at Suntory®

shinji fukuyo testing oaksmith international premium whisky
shinji fukuyo tasting the oaksmith premium whisky


After extensive research, the exceptional recipe of Oaksmith® blends have been created by Shinji Fukuyo, fifth-ever Chief Blender of Suntory® , the founding house of Japanese Whisky. With over 30 years of experience in creating some of the world’s most award winning whiskies, Shinji is also the creator of iconic Japanese spirit brands – Yamazaki® , Hibiki® and Ao, that pulled the once lesser explored Japanese whiskies onto the world map, drawing awe and inspiration from new age consumers.


In his Own Words “When you are a blender, you have to completely change your lifestyle. I wake up before 4 every morning to run. I keep my body in peak condition. I avoid all spicy foods, smelly foods. Never garlic. I need my nose and tongue to be confident by the time I’m at work. Despite all the technology today, blending is determined not by chemical analysis, but by the tongue.”

oaksmith gold bottle with pure written in japanese on table top


Adding flavors is a common practice, but not for Oaksmith®. Blends of Oaksmith® contain no artificial flavors, as purity & authenticity are cornerstones of the brand and traditional Japanese blending techniques.

oaksmith gold bottle with rare written in japanese on table top


Oaksmith® is a never before, unique modern day scotch and bourbon blend, resulting in a perfectly balanced yet complex, layered whisky that is innovative & extraordinary.

oaksmith gold international premium books
oaksmith gold bottle with gold written in japanese on table top


Highest quality Scotch malts and Bourbon are imported from distilleries – some over 200 years old - of Beam Suntory around the world, to be blended into the exceptional recipes of Oaksmith®.

oaksmith gold bottle with craft written in japanese on table top


Oaksmith® is a result of gemba (Japanese for ‘the real place’) or consumer insights, so blend resonates specifically with Indian audiences, while being truly international in spirit.

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